Our History

Shady Oak Bantams began in a fifth grade classroom in 1984 with two kids looking at hatchery magazines instead of paying attention in math. Over the next 12 years we enjoyed raising any and all kinds of poultry, from Quail to Peacocks. In the mid 90's we began our adult careers where our chickens then took a backseat. After 10 years without raising a single chicken we both decided to get back into it. Through a mutual friend, we came in contact with Ronnie and Ron Tallent of RT Bantams. We purchased our original breeding stock of D'uccles and learned the history of the booted bantams from Ronnie Tallent. Shortly there after, we joined our local poultry club, The Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Association and got very involved with this wonderful organization. Through their help we took a lifetime of raising chickens to a whole new level of raising and showing top quality birds. Then Shady Oak Bantams was created and has become what it is today.


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